The Blind Daffodil (Part IV)

Miss Severalls led Katherine through the labyrinth that was the hidden, working side of the hotel, past the kitchen and the laundry room, which filled the corridor with a cloying mix of steam and smells, and into what was grandly referred to as The Exchange. ‘You will be paid weekly,’ Miss Severalls said, showing Katherine … Continue reading The Blind Daffodil (Part IV)

The Blind Daffodil (Part III)

Katherine, breathless from running, was stopped short by the sight of The Paragon. The columns that framed the entrance, the high arches – atop which sat elaborate bronze figures of dancing women – the gleaming brass door handles, and the smartly-dressed doorman who visibly took a double take and looked away. She stood still and … Continue reading The Blind Daffodil (Part III)

The Blind Daffodil (Part I)

A few weeks passed before Mrs Sayers admitted to herself that something was wrong. She was sat in the drawing room, smoking, staring into the middle-distance, turning over the events of the day. Katherine had played with her hand-me-down toys. Katherine had sung too loudly again, and will not be told. Katherine wouldn’t sit still to … Continue reading The Blind Daffodil (Part I)